Sport and Exercise Psychology Service

Optimising Performance and Increasing Enjoyment

  • Are you stuck in the clutches of a performance slump?
  • Do you hang on to your mistakes, bad breaks, and failures?
  • Do you perform better in practice then you do in competition?
  • Do you want to enhance the consistency of your performances?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may benefit from working with a Sport and Exercise Psychologist at UQ. The UQ Sport and Exercise Psychology service is jointly delivered by the UQ School of Psychology and the UQ School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences we are committed to helping you define and achieve your goals.

What is Sport and Exercise Psychology?

Sport and Exercise Psychology is the study of psychological and mental factors that influence, and are influenced by, participation in sport, exercise and physical activity, and the application of this knowledge to everyday settings.

Sport and Exercise Psychologists are interested in how sport, exercise, and physical activity can enhance performance, health, and enjoyment in certain activities. The key focus is on the development of mental skills -the ability for individuals to understand and use their minds to improve their performances and enjoyment.

How can a Sport and Exercise Psychologist Help Me?

Whatever the objective - winning, personal success, excellence, challenge, social interaction, exercise, relaxation, or simply enjoyment - a Sport and Exercise Psychologist can help you achieve your goals.

A UQ Sport and Exercise Psychologist can help you:

1. Optimise your performance and increase your enjoyment in your chosen activity -

We can help with:

  • Performance anxiety
  • Team cohesion and team building
  • Motivational techniques
  • Preparation for competition
  • Recovery and overtraining prevention
  • Stress management
  • Mental skills (e.g., self-talk, imagery, concentration)
  • Communication skills

2. Enhance your Wellness and Health -

We can help with:

  • Using psychological principles in health and wellness settings
  • Obesity management
  • Advice on motivation for diet and exercise adherence
  • Lifestyle balance
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Exercise as adjunct treatment for mood disorders

Who can Benefit from Working a Sport and Exercise Psychologist?

Sport and Exercise Psychology can benefit anyone who wishes to improve performance or stay healthy in their chosen activities; clients include:

  • Recreational, elite, and professional athletes (e.g. tennis players, runners, rock climbers)
  • Professional, representative, and club sporting teams (e.g. rugby, soccer, netball, basketball)
  • Performing artists (e.g. dancers, musicians, actors)
  • Coaches, umpires, and referees
  • Managers, decisions makers, and administrators in white collar roles
  • Employees and employers in any other occupations concerned with optimal performance

What is the Process of Working with a UQ Sport and Exercise Psychologist?

Once you have made the decision to seek our professional services, you will begin to work closely with one of our Sport and Exercise Psychologists.

Our psychologists have a minimum of four years of training in psychology. They are all either conditionally or fully registered with the PBA (Psychology Board of Australia) in partnership with APHRA ( Australian Practitioner Health Regulation Agency). They are also completing further studies at The University of Queensland in the Master of Applied Psychology (Sport and Exercise) program and are supervised by fully registered psychologists.

You will attend a series of sessions either as an individual or with your group or team. Sessions usually last for 30 minutes to an hour. The initial session typically focuses on assessing your needs as an individual, group, or team, with a view to developing a program to address these needs. This process is collaborative.

We will make some recommendations of how many sessions we believe you will need to achieve your goals (usually 4 to 12 sessions) and negotiate a suitable timeframe that will fit in with your commitments and lifestyle. Most clients elect to visit once a week, but some clients opt for fortnightly sessions.

How Much Does it Cost?



Rates for individuals

UQ Sport Members $30
Club/State/General Public $45
Professionals $90
* First session is free. 20% Discounts after the 6th session

Group Rates (2 to 15 people)

UQ Sport Members $40
Club/State/General Public $60
Professionals $120
* Discounts available for programs of 4 or more sessions

Group Rates (Over 15 people)

UQ Sport Members $50
Club/State/General Public $75
Professionals $150
* Discounts available for programs of 4 or more sessions

*Professional athletes/performers and organisations may be entitled to a tax deduction for costs associated with sport psychology services. Lectures and School Seminars - By negotiation 

How Can I Make a Booking or Ask a Question?

Nathan Seefeld
Sport and Exercise Psychology Coordinator
Phone: 07 3365 6987 or 07 3365 6240
Fax: 3365 6877