Study Overseas

Add an international flavour to your studies!

We understand that studying overseas gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain a perspective you can only get from immersing yourself in a different culture. It is an opportunity to grow both professionally and well as travel and make new friends from all over the world.

Our school is committed to opening up international study opportunities to our students. As a student of our school, you can apply to undertake 1-2 semesters of your course at an overseas university as part of the UQ Abroad international exchange program.

UQ has partnerships with over 130 universities in 30 countries worldwide, several of which offer HMS-related courses. In addition to the universities general partnerships, our school also offers four exchange programs (link to HMS international study options) exclusive to School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences students. With so many options you can choose a destination that suits you and your degree.

All students who take part in a student exchange program may receive full credit towards their HMNS program.

For further information please refer to the UQ Abroad website and take advantage of the resources that they offer.

For more inspiration, read the testimonials from students who have participated in UQ Abroad.

Experiences of HMNS Study Abroad students

International experiences exclusive to the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences

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