Research Higher Degrees

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Unique opportunities are available for postgraduate students interested in a PhD or MPhil to develop research expertise under the supervision of internationally recognised researchers

Research Higher Degree (RHD) programs at UQ HMNS include the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and the Master of Philosophy (MPhil).  RHD students produce new knowledge and expertise that is innovative, relevant, and progressive. Find out more about what a RHD program involves.

Research students have access to first-class facilities, strong support from supervisors and opportunities to gain international experience during their program. These are just a few of the reasons why our current research students choose UQ to be their research base.  Why UQ as your research base? 

The UQ School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences offer research opportunities in a diverse range of areas.

New to RHD's? 20 Q & A's - Find out more 

Why UQ HMNS as your research base?

Supervisors and Projects

Academic staff and Research Higher Degree students conduct research within a number of different research areas and school research centres. Research projects for RHD candidates are available across these areas and Centres. UQ ReSEARCHers and UQExperts may also be of assistance in locating possible advisors in your area of interest.

Please note that for students applying to undertake a research Masters degree (MPhil) or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), a current staff member must agree in writing to be their academic advisor before an application can be processed.


UQ offers a number of flexible Research Scholarships which allow you to get the timing, the people and the resources right.

Register your interest

Let us know you're interested and we will provide information and assistance in taking the next steps. To find out more about RHD's at UQ you may also visit the UQ Graduate School website.

How to apply

At UQ, we have made applying for a research higher degree (RHD) as simple as possible. Learn more.