Ms Jasmine Cruz - United States of America

Why did you choose to study abroad at UQ?

I came to UQ to study for one semester as part of my degree back home in Kinesiology. I always knew I wanted to study abroad as I had heard too many great things about UQ and knew it had a great reputation.

I was fortunate enough to get to visit and take a tour of the university while on holidays and knew instantly that this is where I wanted to visit! The campus is amazing and so beautiful. It is located in a very convenient location close to Brisbane City and on the river; the transportation is excellent.

What did you enjoy most about your time at UQ?

What I loved most about studying at UQ School of Human Movement Studies was the access to the laboratories so early on in the field - you would not get this back home. You get lots of laboratory time and gain hands on and practical experience which is a lot of fun. I also loved that you got direct contact with the public who have disabilities. The practical time and exposure to the public gives me personally a better appreciation for my field in the long run.

The people are all so nice. They are very positive and are so passionate about the field and what they are doing, very encouraging. I received excellent support from HMS staff, and they really made me feel at home.

What were your experiences of the application process to study at UQ?

It was a very smooth transition, straight forward process. If I have even had any questions, these have been answered straight away. The whole orientations process was just great and so easy. I was told exactly what I could expect and made to feel like I was already there.

What did you enjoy most about living in Brisbane, Australia?

The people are so friendly, laidback. Enjoy life. Great cultural experiences, Southbank Parklands. Perfect weather.

What were some of the highlights/memorable experiences of your time at UQ (academic/professional/social)?

Dealing with real patients with disabilities such as spinal cord injuries and getting direct feedback from the public. Dealing with the public in a real life situation is just awesome and is an amazing experience.

What are your career aspirations?

My aim is to own my own practice back home in America and work with children with disability. Want to learn as much as I can about helping other people.

What advice would you offer to other students from your country thinking about studying in Australia?

Just do it! If you are studying exercise science then this is the best place to come. The exposure you get to the career is amazing and such an experience. I learnt so much in the short time. The staff were amazing and so helpful, you never feel like you are alone. The program is tailored perfectly to your career. Great challenge and makes you a better person. It opens up so many experiences!