Exercise and Nutrition Sciences as a pathway to Medicine

The Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences (BENS) is a recommended entry pathway into UQ's medical program.

Foundational studies in preventive healthcare through exercise and nutrition sciences, and courses in anatomy, biochemistry and physiology, will stand you in good stead for your medical degree and your future career  in medicine. 

This dynamic program combined with a Doctor of Medicine (MD) will give you a competitive edge in your medical career and help you develop into a highly-skilled medical graduate that can meet today's global health challenges.

darrellWhy choose Exercise and Nutrition Sciences as your pathway to Medicine?

  • Graduate ahead of the pack with a solid understanding of exercise and nutrition for preventative health and maintenance of good health. Enter the workforce with the skills and knowledge increasingly desired by the health industry.

  • Make a real difference. Use your knowledge of exercise and nutrition sciences, together with your medical training to help tackle the global epidemic of chronic disease. 

  • Reach your goal faster.The Bachelor of Exercise and  Nutrition Sciences is a 3 year program meaning you could  complete your undergraduate degree and Doctor of Medicine  in as little as 7 years.

  • Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences School  Advantage. Study at one of the world's leading schools  of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences. 

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