Scholarships support HMNS students on road to Rio Olympics

Thirteen Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences are among a group of more than 40 University of Queensland students who have received 2016 UQ Sporting Scholarships.

Beneficiaries include Paralympic gold medallist Brenden Hall, and Australian and state-level athletes representing a cross-section of sports including athletics, netball, swimming, volleyball and wind surfing.

Rio-bound Olympic race walker Dane Bird-Smith said his  UQ Sports Achievement Scholarship had been vital in preparing for his maiden Olympics.

"UQ Sporting Scholarships are more than a financial leg-up - they provide invaluable support when balancing sport and study becomes challenging," he said.

"Leading into my first Olympic Games, I feel confident I can keep my degree on-track without performances being impacted on the road to Rio."

Four of the thirteen, athletes, including rhythmic gymnast and Olympic-hopeful Danielle Prince, were awarded  Clem Jones Sporting Scholarships, funded by an annual donation from The Clem Jones Foundation.

Chair of the Clem Jones Sporting Scholarship Committee and Head of the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences Professor Andrew Cresswell  said it was pleasing that a large number of athletes were represented.

"The late Clem Jones AO had a particular interest in tennis and cricket, and I know he would be pleased to see the outstanding performances of this year's winners across a broad range of sports," he said.

"On behalf the School and the committee, I wish all the scholarship winners the very best with their sporting and academic endeavours."

More information on the UQ Sporting Scholarships is available here.

Congratulations to the following UQ School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences, UQ Sporting Scholarship holders:

2016 UQ Sports Achievement Scholarship recipients (value is from $3000 to $9000 for one year):

Jonathan Macanawai (AFL) - B. Health, Sport & Physical Education (Honours)

Nikola Bojic (Athletics - High Jump) - B. Health, Sport & Physical Education (Honours)

Kirra Womersley (Athletics - Hurdles & 100m/200m) - B. Health, Sport & Physical Education (Honours)

Dane Bird-Smith (Athletics - Race Walking) - B. Health, Sport & Physical Education (Honours)

Kobie Donovan (Athletics - Shot Put/ Javelin) - B. Health, Sport & Physical Education (Honours)

Maddison Hinchliffe (Netball) - B. Exercise and Nutrition Sciences (Honours)

Kimberley Jenner (Netball) - B. Health, Sport & Physical Education (Honours)

Brenden Hall (Swimming) - B. Exercise & Sport Sciences (Honours)

Lara O'Brien (Windsurfing) - B. Health, Sport & Physical Education (Honours)

2016 Clem Jones Sporting Scholarship recipients (value is $18,000 over three years - $6000 a year):

Mia Cunningham (Athletics - Javelin) - B. Exercise & Nutrition Sciences

Chloe Litherland (Netball) - B. Health, Sport & Physical Education (Honours)

Danielle Prince (Rhythmic Gymnastics) - B. Health, Sport & Physical Education (Honours)

Emily Haines (Volleyball) - B. Exercise & Sport Sciences (Honours)