Veronique Chachay, PhD

Grad Dip Biochemistry /Physiology, MSc Nutrition and Dietetics, PhD
  • Lecturer Nutrition and Dietetics

Contact details

Room: 519
Phone: (+61) 7 3365 6112
Fax: (+61) 7 3365 6877


Veronique has a background in naturopathic nutrition, clinical and research nutrition/dietetics. She has been practising and a research dietitian in the area of obesity-related metabolic dysregulation for the last 5 years.  Her PhD thesis investigated the role of resveratrol, a polyphenol found in grapes, in the management of insulin resistance, hepatic steatosis, inflammation, antioxidant capacity and target gene expression in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Research Interests

  • Nutritional genomics: the nutrient-gene interaction and related health and disease outcomes; the individual genetic polymorphisms and their effects on nutrient metabolism; the epigenetic effects of dietary factors and patterns on health outcomes.

  • The clinical efficacy of bioactive food-constituents and nutraceuticals in the prevention and management of obesity co-morbidities and ageing-related disease.  

  • Up-regulation of brown adipose tissue activity by dietary and lifestyle factors in the management of obesity.

  • Synergistic effect between bioactive food-constituents, exercise, and standard pharmacological care on molecular (AMPK, SIRT1, NFκB,Nrf2, PGC-1α) and clinical outcomes (insulin resistance, inflammation, antioxidant activity, fat oxidation).

  • The effect of exclusive dietary patterns such as the ketogenic diet, calorie restriction as a lifestyle,  or intermittent fasting, on metabolic health markers such as systemic inflammation, insulin resistance, the IGF-1 signaling pathway, sirtuins, and brown adipose tissue.