Research Areas

[image]Biomechanics and Motor Control
Research in Biomechanics and Motor Control is largely driven in groups that cover the areas of Biomechanics, Motor Control, Neuromechanics, Perception and Motor Learning, Ergonomics and Sports Medicine.
[image]Coaching and Sport and Exercise Psychology
Examining psycho-social and pedagogical aspects of sport and exercise participation in a range of physical activity settings.
[image]Pedagogy and Socio-cultural Studies
Developing theory and methodologies to inform and achieve evidence based policy and practice in HPE curriculum, pedagogy and government agendas.
[image]Nutrition and Dietetics
standing and promoting the role and effect of food on human health and disease.
[image]Physical Activity and Health
Understanding, measuring, and promoting physical activity and related health behaviours.
[image]Exercise Physiology
Understanding exercise interventions for clinical populations and addressing ways to manage chronic health conditions and improve sports performance.