About the Australian Centre of Sport, Physical & Health Education Research (ACOSPHER)

The aim of the Centre is to create an internationally renowned multidisciplinary research team around the social, cultural, pedagogical and psychological aspects of sport, health and physical education, to address questions associated with sport and individual and community capacity building, critical engagement, and social justice.

Research Staff

[image]Steven Rynne
High performance coach learning and Indigenous sports
[image]Cliff Mallett
Research focuses on motivation, motivational climate, mental toughness, coaches' learning and development, and coaches' influence on athlete outcomes
[image]Louise McCuaig
School based health education and development of health educators


[image]Doune Macdonald
Health and physical activity in the school and tertiary sector
[image]Gary Osmond
Historical and contemporary dimensions of sport
[image]Stephanie Hanrahan
Mental skills and games to enhance life satisfaction and self-worth