Stephan Riek

BSc SFraser, MSc SFraser, PhD SFraser
  • Associate Professor and Director, CSN

Contact details

Phone: +61 7 3365 6107
Fax: +61 7 3365 6877

Key Publications:

Riek S, Hinder MR & Carson RG. (2012). Primary motor cortex involvement in initial learning during visuomotor adaptation.Neuropsychologia

Selvanayagam VS, Riek S, Carroll TJ (2011). Early neural responses to strength training.Journal of Applied Physiology. 111: 367-75.        

Cheng M, Marinovic W, Watson M, Ourselin S, Passenger J, De Visser H, Salvado O & Riek S. (2012) Abdominal palpation haptic device for colonoscopy simulation using pneumatic control.IEEE Transations on Haptics. 5(2), 97-108

Current Research Projects

[image]What are the neural adaptations to exercise involving strong muscular activation?
Research focuses on short-term changes in the motor cortex that reflect the first stages of an adaptation process, and the implications of neural adaptation for execution of different tasks that involve the same muscles.
How does the brain prepare for movement?
Investigating the neural basis of this observation using non-invasive brain stimulation to assess cortical processes during movement preparation
Applied principals of motor learning and skill acquisition
Basic principals of movement control and adaptation to address issues in complex control scenarios, information delivery and human computer interaction
What are the mechanisms involved in reaching movements?
When reaching for an object, the nervous system has to transform sensory information about the object location into motor commands of the reaching movement
Motoneurone excitability during voluntary tasks
Current projects are investigating the input output properties of spinal motoneurones during the performance of voluntary tasks