About the Centre for Sensorimotor Performance (CSP)

The apparent ease with which humans perform a rich repertoire of physical tasks belies the true complexity of the processes involved. In order to produce appropriately timed and physically calibrated movements the brain and spinal cord must coordinate activation of a myriad of muscles within the context of diverse sensory input and varying task demands. The Centre combines research strengths in sensorimotor function, neurophysiology, biomechanics, sensory processing, and applied skill acquisition to tackle basic and applied research questions relating to health (rehabilitaion and surgical training), sports (performance and training), and industry (interface design and simulator-based training).



[image]Tim Carroll
Motor coordination
[image]Stephan Riek
Neural mechanisms of motor control and adaptation
[image]Glen Lichtwark
The structure and function of human muscles


[image]Guy Wallis
Cortical models of visual and visuomotor learning
[image]Andrew Cresswell
The integration of neurophysiology and biomechanics
[image]Eva-Maria Reuter
Interrelation between motor adaptation and attention.